Premium investment services

Premium investment services

Equilor has been providing its clients with capital and money market investment services since 1990.

We always make sure to provide our investors with the best possible service, which we guarantee by providing each client a personal investment consultant, all of whom are highly experienced experts with a history in advisory services.

We work together with our clients to select an investment portfolio that best meets their yield and risk expectations, in line with the needs of our clients. Our services provide access to a range of investment products available on global markets, meaning a variety of effective portfolios can be put together in line with individual needs.


In addition to government bonds, representing the lowest risk category, we also offer our clients a number of corporate bonds. By combining the above with higher-risk instruments, long-term investment can be very effective.

In addition to the current range of premium Hungarian government bonds, a wide range of traditional government bonds are also available, allowing clients to choose the best yielding securities for their needs.

We offer both Hungarian instruments and dollar and euro based corporate and government bonds: clients who wish to invest in foreign exchange savings or keep a part of their portfolios in foreign currencies can easily do so.


As a founding member of the Budapest Stock Exchange and full-fledged members of the Warsaw and Prague stock exchanges, Equilor’s clients can trade not only on regional capital markets but also with more than 29,000 securities on 30 stock exchanges around the world.

We prioritise providing assistance to our clients in understanding the various markets and the range of products. Our team of analysts prepares daily, weekly, and regular ad hoc analyses to provide information on the newest money and capital market news and corporate events.


Ever since it was established, Equilor has been a defining player on the inter-bank and foreign exchange markets, providing institutional and private investors personal and round-the-clock online trading opportunities for close to 180 currency pairs.

Naturally, we not only provide a number of opportunities for trading, but also help our clients choose the right financial leverage and product by offering regular trainings, analyses, and personal consultancy to ensure they can manage their risks and investments in line with needs and risk appetites.

Premium investment services


We are the only service provider to offer possibilities for trading not only in the Budapest Stock Exchange’s future section, but also on the commodity markets of a number of American and European stock exchanges.

Why is hedging worth it?

  • It allows the farmers to sell their crops with deadlines
  • Farmers are not dependant of whole sale market by fixing the price upfront.
  • Plannable revenue makes it easier to make medium-term decisions.
  • Trade on foreign stock exchanges can be adjusted to international price levels.

Why is it worth speculating on commodities?

  • High-traffic, liquid products available on international stock exchanges.
  • The market is characterised by price movements based on news and fundamentals.
  • Trends in commodities may be longer than on other markets.

Of commodity market products, maize, wheat, rape seed, and sunflower are the most popular on the Hungarian exchange; international exchanges favour oil products, natural gas, cocoa, coffee, and of course the precious metals gold and silver.