Institutional services

Institutional services

Stock exchange trading

As a member of the Budapest, Warsaw, and Prague stock exchanges, Equilor is able to serve its domestic and international institutional clients, the world’s largest investment banks and fund managers with a direct presence on the stock exchange.

Although institutional clients are increasingly using direct electronic trading (called DMA) services, we also hold our analysis and consultancy services to be very important, as we believe they are essential in providing added value to our partners in trading.

We have one of the most advanced hardware and software infrastructures on the Hungarian market, including our own actively managed servers in London and Paris, at the locations closest to our clients.

The Budapest Stock Exchange has elected Krisztián Kőrössy, head of Equilor’s institutional division, “Broker of the Year” on two separate occasions.

Intézményi szolgáltatások

Foreign exchange

Many companies have to grapple with the problem of continuous currency exchanges. Our experienced colleagues are here to provide risk management and hedging solutions: by presenting a number of instruments and analysing their costs and effectiveness, they help find the best solutions to individual problems.


We provide assistance to companies that grow or buy grain to decrease the uncertainties caused by price fluctuations. Equilor is currently the only active member in the Budapest Stock Exchange’s grains section, which means we can assist in any futures hedge transactions with direct access to the market.