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Account opening process

There are many ways to open an account with us. One of the simplest ways is to provide us with your data necessary for the account opening in the"Fill in data form (Adatlap kitöltése)" menu below. On the basis of your data we shall prepare the contracts and you will be kindly asked to visit our office to reconcile your data and sign the contracts.

The following original documents are needed for the account oopening:

In case of private individuals:

  • ID card,
  • tax card,
  • address card

In case of companies:

  • authentic companies register extract not older than 30 days,
  • specimen signature,
  • the above personal documents for the company's representative

Please call +36 1 430 3980to make an appointment.

Filling in the form

Form for private individuals:

Customer data form for the account opening of private individuals

Form for legal persons and organizations without legal personality:

Customer data form for the account opening of legal persons

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