For those who feel confident about their knowledge of foreign exchanges, futures, forwards or equities, and wish to make decisions quickly and independently, online systems provide an opportunity they should not miss.

Equilor offers transparent and easy-to-use interfaces that offer maximum comfort for your online trading. Using these systems you can give instructions as well as follow your outstanding positions anytime and anywhere.

Equilor?s team supports users with continuously updated analyses and technical and market advice.

If similarly to the several thousand satisfied users of our online trading systems you would also like to trade conveniently, quickly and at low costs, you should certainly try our platforms.
Adjusted to the needs of our customers two different online trading platforms are offered so that everyone can choose the system that is ideal for them in accordance with their different business expectations and risk appetites.

Equilor Trader:

Equilor Trader is recommended to rather judicious investors who like picking the best from various options, and who trade in several markets at the same time in an active manner, but do not want to save the world overnight.

  • 26,000 products in one place.
  • Foreign exchange, equities, commodities, index and equity CFD-s.
  • Portfolio diversifiable in a wide product range.
  • A large choice of options with prompt quotes.
  • The chance to make future and forward contracts of any maturity (up to 1 year)

Equilor Metatrader:

Equilor Metatrader is primarily recommended to active and frequent traders who regularly monitor markets and diagrams.

  • For active traders for whom each second counts
  • The most popular trading interface in the world
  • Quick and transparent forex trading
  • The chance to open accounts in euros, US dollars or Hungarian forints
  • Efficient diagram making with numerous indicators
  • Trading systems that can be independently programmed
  • It is primarily recommended to those who trade frequently and who have time to monitor markets and diagrams


5/24 trading, more than 160 currency pairs, more than 30,000 equities, commodity market products, indexes, fixed income (For information in English language please call: +36 1 430 3998)



With the help of our free mobile applications its easy to trade without geographical and time zone limitations.