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  • Over 2,400 appearances in the media
  • Over 300 trading tips in the domestic and foreign markets
  • 250 morning newsletters and FX market analyses
  • 50 weekly reports
  • 50 individual, special trading tips for weekly periodicals
  • 30 ad hoc analyses
  • 3 press breakfasts and the related investment strategies

We believe our customers deserve to receive professional market information of individual content and high standards (in terms of form as well) from their investment service provider. To facilitate this we support the investment decisions of our customers with regular daily, general weekly and periodical corporate analyses.

Below the range of our research services is described:

Weekly analyses

The Monday paper includes a summary of the previous week, as well as the major events of the coming week, and the related expectations. The content is characterized by both foreign and domestic events.

Daily foreign exchange

Published on the morning of each business day, the paper includes specific trading tips. The paper focuses on five fixed currency pairs (EUR/USD; EUR/JPY; USD/CHF; GBP/USD; EUR/HUF) and a commodity market product that varies from day to day. Emphasis is primarily on technical analyses, but the fundamental aspect is not neglected either.

Developed markets equity basket

From the numerous products of the international markets, in our weekly analysis of the equity market we try to choose products for you where an opportunity is seen for a rise in prices in the short or medium term, building from these an equity basket that so far has outperformed the return of the major indexes.

Daily stock exchange newsletter

Published in the morning of each business day, in addition to the Hungarian, Czech and Polish equity markets the newsletter also investigates the events of the European and American continents, and includes specific trading tips as well.

Flash news

A paper reporting on major stock exchange or macroeconomic events, which apart from a comprehensive analysis may also include specific trading tips.

Ad hoc papers

In addition to periodical analyses, Equilor prepares ad hoc papers as well whenever it identifies a particular financial product as an attractive investment opportunity.

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