Managing cookies

A cookie is a collection of data that is (or may be) stored on your computer, or any other device you use for browsing, when you visit a website. The cookie is sent by the web server to your browser for the purposes of saving your browsing settings.
As a result, when you return to the same website using the same device, your browser will recognize the fact that this isn’t your first visit to the site when it communicates with the web server. In certain cases, this allows it to load the site according to your preferences.

This technology is supported by all browsers and has become essential for online services to be able to be effective and provide a modern user experience. Cookies allow us to determine which pages our visitors view and how much time they spend on each page. This data allows us to better tailor the website to your needs and provide you with a customized user experience.

Why do we use cookies?

EQUILOR Investment Ltd. uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • so our visitors can better navigate our website while enjoying the advantages of it loading more quickly;
  • so we can continuously improve the user experience by way of various developments;
  • so we can fill our website with content that best meets visitor needs;
  • so we can understand how our website’s visitors use our online services, which allows us to continue development on the basis of the gained knowledge;
  • so we can provide our visitors with the offers most relevant to them;
  • so we can place targeted advertisements on other websites.

What types of cookies do we use?

Session cookies

Session cookies are required for browsing the website and using its functions, and they let us remember the actions that visitors took in regard to any given page, function, or service. The smooth functioning of the website cannot be guaranteed without the use of session cookies. They remain valid only for the time of the given visit, after which they are automatically deleted.

The website provides the operations of sessions based on the authorization provided by and in line with Section 13/A (3) Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services, meaning we do not require the user’s consent to use session cookies.

The website uses the following session cookies:

PHPSESSID: Ensures that the website functions properly during the visitor’s given session

Statistics cookies

We use cookies that analyze user activities to collect information on how our visitors generally use the website. This includes learning which pages visitors have visited, how many pages they visited, on which part of the page they clicked, how long any given session lasted, which error messages they receive, which page was visited most frequently, etc. These cookies allow us to provide a high-quality, user-friendly experience for users, and to continue the development of our website, including its functions and services, in line with the needs of our visitors.
These cookies provide entirely anonymous information, i.e. the information we receive pertaining to user habits is anonymous, it is stored anonymously, and the information we obtain is used for the anonymous analysis of our visitors’ habits.
The website uses the following cookies to analyze user activities anonymously:

  • Third-party cookies that provide performance analysis like this include Google Analytics (GA) cookies, which use text files to analyze user interactions on the website.

You can read more about the cookies used by the Google Analytics service by clicking on the following link:

  • We also use Google AdWords cookies, which measure the success of our campaigns. These are sent to the visitor’s computer only when visiting certain specific target subpages and they store only the fact that the subpage was visited and the time of the visit. They do not store any other information.

Advertising and targeting cookies

Advertising and targeting cookies are used for two purposes: one, these cookies allow us to choose the advertisements that most interest our visitors or the ones that seem most important to them and to display them on third-party websites; two, we use them to measure the performance of our campaigns on the basis of the information we obtain. These cookies typically store the fact of the visit to the site and to certain visited product sites, forms, and acknowledgement pages, the duration of these visits, and the tools used.
We use the following cookies:

  • Google AdWords remarketing - Remarketing is a marketing procedure that allows us to display personalized advertisements to users who visit our website when they are browsing the internet after having left our website; in this case, we use the Google AdWords tracking code to reach visitors to the site with tailored advertisements on websites that are part of the Google Display network. Detailed information regarding the service is available at the following site: You can opt out from the use of these cookies in the Google advertisement settings manager by following the instructions.
  • Facebook Website Custom Audiences technology – we use this service to display the Equilor Group’s advertisements to visitors to the site who are logged in to their Facebook accounts when they visit us, following their visit to the website. Detailed information regarding the service is available at the following site: .
  • __adroll_consent_params, __adroll_fpc, _te_: Adroll targeted advertisements

How can you manage, set, and refuse the use of cookies?

You do not have to accept or allow the use of cookies. Browsers allow you to change your cookie preferences. In general, browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default, but you can change these settings.

However, we would like to point out that since cookies are used to support the website’s utility and processes and to make browsing easier, if you refuse the use of cookies, we will not be able to guarantee that you will be able to fully utilize all of the website’s functions. In this case, the website may behave differently than planned.

All browsers have their own information on installing and removing extensions. The following sites provide information on the cookie settings of the most common browsers:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer:

Cookie settings in Firefox:

Cookie settings in Chrome:

Cookie settings in Safari: