If you wish to reliably enlarge your assets without having to deal with your savings on a daily basis, investment funds offer you the best solution.
These financial products are popular because they offer a convenient investment option that is reliable in the long term and is adjusted to risk levels suitable for the customers? personal needs. Picking from the thousands of investment funds of dozens of fund managers, we will select and recommend the options that are best for you.
Equilor Asset Management Ltd, the fund management member of the Equilor Group is one of the most dynamically developing service providers. The returns on its investment funds typically outperform the returns provided by our competitors. The philosophy of our fund manager is focused on a strategy that facilitates absolute return. Its goal is to ensure a balanced asset growth for our customers.

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Primus investment fund

One of the most successful products of Equilor Asset Management Ltd., its objective is to mix the best performing Hungarian investment funds into a successful portfolio. Return in 2014:  5.33%