Over recent years, central banks in numerous countries of the world have cut interest rates, and as a consequence with traditional bank deposits we are rarely able even to maintain the real value of our monies.

In such a low interest rate environment the reliable investment opportunities in the field of which Equilor qualifies as one of the most experienced players in the Hungarian money and capital markets, have appreciated. Our professional consultants will help you become acquainted with these products, and will think along with you in order to find the best solution for your savings.

Below some investment opportunities offering higher returns than traditional time deposits are described briefly. If you are interested in the entire range of our product offering, and wish to select the solution that suits you best, please consult our investment advisors.

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There are many solutions to optimize the taxes payable on your investments. For example if you open a Long-term Investment Account (TBSZ) or a Retirement Savings Account (NYESZ) at Equilor, this will benefit you in two ways. First, you can be sure that your savings recorded in these accounts are managed by one of the most experienced investment teams in the country, therefore you will achieve an optimal return as compared with your selected risk profile. Second, with these schemes?depending on the selected product or duration?you will have to pay less (or 0% as the case may be) interest rate tax, or you will have an opportunity to use the PIT benefit.

If you are interested in our tax optimization solutions, please call our colleague on +36 1 436 9530!


Please describe the subject in which you need help and give us the time that is convenient for you to meet our expert. Our colleagues will be pleased to help you.

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