Over the past decade, due to the continuous increase in supply and the improvement of the efficiency of trading, the foreign exchange market has become one of the key investment targets. You must surely have thought about increasing your savings in the foreign exchange (or forex) market. There are many stories in circulation about quick and fast returns, and of course about high risks as well. You should be reassured that Equilor not only offers multiple opportunities for trading in the foreign exchange market, but also provides a detailed description of the key risk factors involved, which you should by all means become informed about from experienced professionals.

Equilor is your reliable partner in foreign exchange trading, too, helping you make your decisions by regular education and information materials as well as personal consultancy.
(For further information on foreign exchange market investments, see our page ?Forex for everyone?.)
With regard to leverage and the selection of products, our colleagues will design the business combination that best suits your needs and risk appetite to facilitate an efficient investment.

When trading in the foreign exchange market, you can give orders on the phone, as well as via the online trading systems. You can buy and sell more than 160 currency pairs on business days, 0-24 hours.

If you are looking for a solution for the mitigation of the exchange rate risk of your company, Equilor provides a wide range of opportunities from classic forward hedges through options to partial hedges. Our dealers will be pleased to help you think through strategic issues as well.

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