If you are considering investing your savings in equities, you have come to the right place. At Equilor, besides offering you an opportunity to trade at several exchanges at low costs, we also provide you with reliable advice, and help you build a portfolio that suits your individual appetite for risk.

We are the sole investment firm in the Hungarian market to have full-fledged membership in three leading CEE stock exchanges, allowing our customers to trade on the Budapest, Warsaw and Prague stock markets directly at low costs. In addition, we provide an opportunity to trade on 30 other exchanges of the world as well, so with our cooperation our customers have access to more than 30,000 securities worldwide.

We place particular emphasis on providing help to our customers to find their way among the different markets and their various products. In addition to personal advice, our research team publishes case-by-case analyses on a daily, weekly as well as on a regular basis to keep our customers informed on the latest news about the money and capital markets, and corporate events. In our weekly analysis ?Developed Markets Equity Basket? we provide recommendations on different international equities, supported by a brief evaluation and market news.

If you are interested in investing in equities please call our experts: +36 1 430 3999!

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