M&A Advisory – Equilor
Gyengénlátó barát felület


In the case of acquisitions, our activity comprises the identification and contacting of potential target companies, the valuation of the target company, providing support in the negotiation process, and cooperation in the due diligence process and the arrangement of financing.

Both selling a company and arranging secession from a company are complex processes that require professional experience, intense networking, and market knowledge. The expert team at Equilor Corporate Finance provides practical advice to our clients in the course of structuring transactions, which contributes to the efficient and successful implementation of the sale process. In the case of a sale, we help you find the right buyer and negotiate the most advantageous transaction structure, conditions, and selling price.

Our local and market knowledge contributes to the effectiveness of acquisitions. We provide assistance throughout the entire acquisition process, providing practical advice from the first negotiation up to the closure of the transaction.

Whether it is an acquisition or sale, the experts of Equilor Corporate Finance use their practical market experience to provide reliable and high quality assistance in the company sale process. Should you have any questions or require further information on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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