At the time of Equilor’s foundation and the reorganisation of the Budapest Stock Exchange, a new era of the domestic capital market began in 1990. Though more than 30 years have elapsed since then, our objectives have remained unchanged ever since.

Over the past years, in addition to the steady development of our services, we have been striving to provide our customers with swift and reliable access to the ever expanding world of money and capital markets, and – by means of well-established financial consulting and analyses – assist them in increasing their assets managed by us.

The world of capital markets is one of the fastest developing industries, therefore being able to offer suitable investment and banking services to our private and corporate clients requires continuous development in terms of both product structure and technology. Due to continuously strengthening market regulations, we put great emphasis on stability and the provision of reliable, transparent information, which forms the basis of responsible investment service.

We strive to work with employees who fully adhere to these principles, and consider them as fundamental values during their everyday work and decisions. Our colleagues serve all our clients with the utmost care and attention, giving the best of their knowledge, fully taking into consideration their needs, and providing them with tailor-made investment guidance.

As a result of our commitment over the past years, the number of Equilor customers, the assets managed, and our achievements have been steadily increasing; we meanwhile strive to keep the direct contact that our customers have come to know.

We are proud to be present throughout the entire CEE region as a full-fledged member of the Budapest, Prague, and Warsaw Stock Exchanges, and to offer, in conjunction with Equilor Corporate Advisory Zrt. and Equilor Asset Management, comprehensive investment and banking services to our customers ranging from trading in stock exchanges through asset management to corporate finances.


  • Bálint Szécsényi

    Bálint Szécsényi

    Chairman of the Board and CEO
  • András Gereben

    András Gereben

    Honorary Chairman of the Board
  • Krisztián Kőrössy

    Krisztián Kőrössy

    Managing director
  • Tímea Schuck

    Tímea Schuck

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Szilárd Buró

    Szilárd Buró

    Head of Financial Innovations
  • Zsolt Vavrek

    Zsolt Vavrek

    Head of Premium Investment Services and Private Banking
  • Péter Horváth

    Péter Horváth

    Operations Director
  • Ágnes Svoób

    Ágnes Svoób

    Head of Corporate Finance
  • Zoltán Sipos

    Zoltán Sipos

    Head of Back Office



We are proud of the fact that in the course of its more than 30-year history, Equilor has grown to become one of the leading investment service providers on the Hungarian capital market.

The success of our work is underlined by the fact that the number of our clients and the total assets they manage have continuously grown over the years.

In the past 30 years, we have not only been recognised by our clients but have also received a number of awards. To name just a few, Equilor has received the Budapest Stock Exchange’s “Stock Exchange Team” award because the independent investment service provider organised and executed numerous capital market transactions that figure prominently on the Budapest Stock Exchange. The Budapest Stock Exchange also conferred the title of “Best Debt Security Issuance Organiser of the Year” on Equilor for being the most active company in the field in 2011.

In both 2015 and 2021, the independent professional jury of the Budapest Stock Exchange named the company “Investment Service Provider of the Year” for its activities. Equilor has received the MagyarBrands award on a number of occasions for its work carried out on the Hungarian market with a Hungarian background.

Our achievements include the steps we have taken in the interest of the community and to develop financial culture: as a responsible investment service provider, Equilor considers it important to support socially valuable causes. We have granted our support to a number of initiatives, including in the fields of health, education, sports, and arts. Among others, we have supported the foundation of the Corvinus Financial Laboratory, the raising of the next generation of 575 Triathlon Association athletes, and the United Way campaign.