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Equilor is your reliable partner in your commodity market trades as well. We provide you with an opportunity to trade in the futures section of the Budapest Stock Exchange, as well as in numerous US and European commodity markets.

Why is it worth concluding hedges?

  • They make it possible to sell the produce from a specific future date.
  • The producers are not exposed to traders.
  • Due to predictable sales incomes, it is easier to make decisions in the medium term.
  • Trading at foreign exchanges may be adjusted to international price levels.

Why is it worth speculating on commodity products?

  • You can access liquid products with a high turnover in the international exchanges.
  • Price movements in the market are driven by news and fundamental information.
  • Commodity products are characterized by long-lasting trends.

Major products:

Maize | Wheat | Rape | Sunflower | Oil products | Natural gas | Cocoa | Coffee | Gold | Silver

If you are interested in investing in commodities please call our experts: +36 1 808 9207

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